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The Windmill Effect

A Better Home

A new air filter delivers fresh, clean air, protects your HVAC from costly repairs, and can also lower your energy bills by up to 15%.

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Made in the USA, we work with the #1 media manufacturer in the world, bringing you more than 60 years of filter expertise. Learn more

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We get it. You have 100s of home chores to stay on top of. Let us handle this one… we’ll text you every time you need to change your air filter.

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Whether you have questions about installation, delivery, or anything else, we're here for you. Chat or email us anytime. We mean it. 

Clean air, clean Earth

We offset the carbon footprint of each filter purchased by supporting the most impactful sustainability projects across the globe.

"I am blown away. The Windmill team (shout at to Maggie!) helped me with my install (first time putting in my air filters myself), and it was so easy. Thank you!"

━ Susan, RI

“The text message reminders are a nice touch. I have the memory of a sieve… and it’s nice to just buy my filters for the year and get a text when it’s time to replace them.”

━ Jane, FL

"Been going to the store for the past decade to get my filters. Not anymore. The box came quick, and the filters are great. I like the QR code, instructions, and playful branding too!"

━ Robert, TX